How to add your Email account to iPad

Being able to have all of your emails and accounts in one place makes managing your email a lot easier. This is what the Mail app is for. On an Apple device the Mail app comes preloaded which means all you have to do is add your existing email accounts to the Mail app to start sending and replying to your emails right from your device. Throughout this course you will learn how to add your email account to the Mail app on an iPad.

Why this course?

This course is going to take you through each step on how to add your email accounts to your iPad or iPhone so that you no longer have to go through your web browser to check your emails by having all of your email accounts stored in one app.

What do I need to get started?

  • An iPad or iPhone (any model)
  • An email address
  • Internet connection

Course Content

Adding an Email account to the Mail app on an iPad