Reply to Emails from your iPhone

Scroll down and click on the play button on the video to start it. The play button looks something like this.

Remember: you can rewind and pause the video if you need to.

Play Button

How to reply to an Email

Step 1: From your Mail app icon, make sure you are in your Inbox folder. This is the folder that has all your incoming emails.

iOS Mailboxes screen

Step 2: Once you are in your Inbox, find the email you would like to reply to and tap on it. This will open the email.

iOS Mail app inbox screen

Step 3: When the email is open, tap on the blue backwards arrow at the bottom of the screen. This is the Reply button.

iOS Netflix email

Step 4: When you tap on the blue arrow you will see different menu options available. To simply reply to the sender of the email, tap on the option titled Reply.

iOS reply to email screen

Step 5: Tap in the white space below the subject line to start typing your reply. Once you are ready to send it, tap on the blue circle with the white upwards arrow in the top right corner of the screen.

iOS reply to email screen