Introduction to Online Safety

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The internet is a great tool used for many different daily tasks such as searching anything from books, recipes, how-to videos, and even purchasing products. However, even though the internet is an amazing resource, it comes with risks with more and more people being online everyday. These risks can be safely managed by learning how to stay safe online! Before you get started please read through this quick introduction.


What you’ll learn

  • Learn the ABCs of Online Safety
  • Understand what a computer virus is
  • Learn how to prevent computer viruses

Key Technology Terms

  • Virus: type of code or program designed to alter the way a computer works
  • Hacker: person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data
  • Scammer: person who tricks someone into giving them personal information and/or money
  • Pop-up: small windows that pop-up over your webpage in your internet browser
  • Online Safety:  the act of maximizing user’s awareness of personal safety while using the internet