Password Managers

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Have you ever created a password for an account, only to completely forget it? As a solution, you may have tried writing your password on a piece of paper or on the computer somewhere only to forget where it was placed or saved. There is a safer way to keep all your passwords stored and managed using the Password Manager. Before you get started, please read through this introduction!



Lesson 1: Introduction to Online Safety

What you’ll learn

  • Learn what a Password Manager is
  • Understand why a Password Manager is important
  • Learn how to keep your passwords safe
  • Learn what the elements of a “good” password are

Key Technology Terms

  • Password: string of characters that allow access to a device or account
  • Passcode: string of digits used to get into an iPad
  • Password Manager: program that stores, generates, and manages personal passwords for online services
  • iCloud Keychain: password management system developed by the company Apple
  • Google Smart Lock: password management system developed by the company Google
  • Password AutoFill: usernames and passwords are automatically filled in when you visit sites that you have saved