Facebook Messenger Overview

What is Facebook Messenger?

There are many different communication apps available for your device and Facebook Messenger is one of the commonly used apps.  Facebook Messenger is a messaging app developed by the company, Facebook, to work with their Facebook platform to help connect people.  A unique feature of Facebook Messenger is that it offers text messaging, voice, and video chat through the app, independent of the Facebook app.

Using Facebook Messenger helps to connect people with a Facebook account and can send private messages via Facebook account.  You are also able to connect using the internet and avoid the past issues of reaching text message limit.

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Facebook Messenger App Icon

Difference between Facebook Messenger and Facebook

Facebook Messenger

  • Facebook Messenger allows you to send messages directly to people or groups without it being posted to a public forum. 
  • you can connect with all the people you have as friends on your Facebook account. 


  • Facebook is a social media platform in which many people can virtually interact
  • You can post photos, videos, and additional information for a larger audience to view
  • There are different audiences you can allow to view your information through the settings.