Let’s take photos with your iPad

In just a few steps you can capture important moments using an iPad. Below are two short videos on how to take photos and record videos using the camera app .

How to take a photo

Step 1: Locate the Camera app icon on the home screen.

Step 2: Tap on the white circle button to take a photo. Demonstration posted below.

How to record a video

Step 1: Locate and tap on the Camera app icon

Step 2: Change the photo setting to video so that you have access to the video recording function (Refer to the video below)

Step 3: Press the red button to start recording the video. Once you start recording, the red circle will change to a square. When you are done recording, click on the square. (Refer to the video below)

Helpful Hints

  • By swiping left on the lock screen the camera app will automatically open. 
  • While recording a video, if you pinch open on the screen the camera will zoom in on the subject you are recording.