Facebook Overview

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a free social media site that allows people to stay connected and share photos with each other online. Users can post articles, photos, videos and links to share with their followers. Followers on Facebook are people who have decided to follow someone’s profile. This means that they can see the individual’s posts and photos. When a user signs up for Facebook they have the option to make their profile public, which means anyone can view their profile. or private which means that they have control over who can view their content.

If you do not already have an account, the next topic will go through the steps for signing up. The platform is available through internet browsers or can be downloaded as an app right on to a tablet or smartphone. To access the app you will need to download it from the App Store on Apple devices, or the Google Play Store on Android devices.

Below is a photo of the Facebook icon. By tapping on the icon on the homepage of your device the app will launch.

facebook, button, pin-667456.jpg

What is Facebook used for?

As Facebook has developed and evolved over the years, people can use the platform for various reasons. Users mainly used Facebook for connecting with other users and sharing content, but users now use Facebook for many other purposes. Below are features and tasks that Facebook can be used for.

  • Post messages
  • Meet new people
  • Share photos and videos
  • Play games
  • Sell and buy products
  • Follow news stories
  • Share music
  • Share opinions on different topics