Mail App Overview

What is Email?

Email, which is short for electronic mail, is the process of exchanging messages using an electronic device such as a tablet, smartphone, or laptop. This is one of the ways users can stay connected and communicate with friends and family members using an iPad. There are many different email service providers but each one of them allows users to complete the same tasks such as send messages to other email addresses, delete messages, and reply to messages instantly.

Emails can contain text, images and files and can even be sent to multiple recipients at once and can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have access to internet and your account credentials.

When you first open the Mail app on an iPad it will be blank, which is why you must first add your email account through the Settings app. These steps are covered in topic 2.

To access the Mail app on an iPad, locate and then tap on the icon on the home screen that is a blue square with a white envelope in the center.

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Using the Mail App on an iPad allows users to complete many different tasks! You can add attachments, send emails to multiple people at once, and even share photos and videos!