Online Safety Overview

Online Safety is the act of maximizing a user’s awareness of personal safety while using the internet. This is an important topic because many people fall victim to cyber crimes (crimes committed through the internet) each year. Although this sounds quite scary, there are many ways to increase your online security and keep yourself safe from hackers and scammers.

Knowledge is power when it comes to online safety!

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Cyber Fraud Stats

With the rise of internet users, cyber fraud has become more prevalent than ever. Here are some phishing attack statistics in Canada from 2020:

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  • 42% of Canadians experienced at least one type of cyber security incident such as phishing
  • 36% of people experienced a loss because of the incident (loss of time, data, and financial loss)
  • Just under 1/3 of Canadians reported the incident
  • 39% of Canadians age 65+ take additional measures to protect their account