Let’s view your Photos

Now that you have taken photos and videos using your iPad, let’s look at how to view them! Below is a short video on how to view photos on the Photos app.

How to view photos

Click on the play button on the video to start it.

Remember: you can rewind and pause the video if you need to.

Step 1: Locate and tap on the Photos app icon on the home screen.

Step 2: Using your finger, scroll upwards to start viewing your photos. If you would like to view a specific photo, tap on the photo. To go back to your Library tap on the blue arrow in the top left corner.

Note: For more menu options or to view your Library, tap on the blue arrow in the top left corner that has the word Photos beside it.

If you are holding your iPad horizontally tap the button in the top left corner of the screen that looks like a small book.

Helpful Hint

  • To delete a photo, tap on the photo and then tap on the Trash Can icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.