How to connect the Withings Smart Scale to the Health Mate app

Now that you have the Health Mate app installed and your profile setup, you are ready to set up your smart scale. During this lesson you will be guided through the steps on how to set up your Withings Smart scale. Make sure you have your WiFi network name and password so the set up process goes smoothly.

Step 1

From the Health Mate App locate and tap on the menu option Scales from the list of products that can be set up.

Screen with list of Withings products and Scales highlighted to show how to start to set up your Withings scale.

Step 2

From the list of scales, choose the one that you have. For this course we will be setting up the Body Comp scale. Locate the name of the scale and tap on it.

List of Withings scales with Body Comp highlighted to show how to choose the scale you want to set up.

Step 3

When you are ready to start the set up, tap on Install. Your device will look for the nearby scale.

Make sure that your scale is turned on by holding the pairing button on the bottom of the scale for 3 seconds (photo 2). Note: if your scale is brand new out of the box, pull the tag out of the battery compartment underneath the scale as shown in photo 3.

When the app finds the scale, tap on Next (this could take a few moments).

Black and white Withings scales facing each other with Install button highlighted underneath.
Photo 1
Back of Withings scale highlighting the power button to press and hold for 3 seconds to turn on scale.
Photo 2
Back of Withings scale with tab highlighted to show how to pull the tab to turn the device on if this is the first time using the scale.
Photo 3

Step 4

The Health Mate app will search for your scale so that you can pair it to your device (photo 1). Once you see the scale name appear on your device screen, tap on it to pair (photo 2).

Screen that says Searching for device
Screen that says Select an Accessory with Body+ B2 highlighted to show how to choose your device.

Step 5

You will now be asked to connect your scale to your Wi-Fi network. Choose your Wi-Fi network name (photo 1), enter the password (photo 2), and then tap Connect. Note: the Wi-Fi network in the photo below will be different from the Wi-Fi network that you will connect to.

Nearby Wi-Fi networks list with Wi-Fi network highlighted to show how to connect your scale to your Wi-Fi.
Photo 1
Connect to Wi-Fi network screen with Password box highlighted to show where to enter Wi-fi password.
Photo 2

Step 6

Your scale will start to configure. Let this process finish.

Screen that says Configuring your Body+ scale...

Step 7

Once the configuration is completed (photo 1) you can personalize the measurements you want to track by tapping on the specific measurements to add them (photo 2), and set your personal goals (photo 3).

Withing scale with words Set up is complete above.
Photo 1
Measurements screen with body water, weight trend, BMI, muscle mass, fat mass, bone mass, and weather listed.
Photo 2
Screen that says Set a weight goal. Whether you'd like to gain, lose, or maintain your weight, it's always great to have something to work towards.
Photo 3

Step 8

The very last step is to step on the scale to get your measurements. The app will prompt you to step on the scale and after a few minutes you will be able to see your results.

Withings scale with words Let's try it out. It's time to step on the scale, Check back here after a few minutes to see your measurements written above.

Congratulations! Your new Withings scale is officially set up and you are ready to track your health. See you next time!