How to setup the Withings ScanWatch to the Health Mate app

If you have just opened up your new Withings ScanWatch and want to set it up with your Health Mate app, you are in the right place. If you haven’t downloaded the Health Mate app to your smartphone or tablet yet, check out the lesson on how to do this as you will need the app to get your smartwatch set up! During this lesson we will take you through the steps on how to go through the set up process so you can start using your Withings ScanWatch right out of the box.

Set up the Withings ScanWatch

Step 1: Turn on your smartwatch by pressing the crown button the right side of the watch. If it does not turn on you might have to charge it using the charging cable that comes in the box. You will know that the watch is on if you see the screen in the middle of the watch turn on.

Black and silver Withings smart watch with Digital screen, and Power button on the right highlighted.

Step 2: When your watch is turned on and you open up the Health Mate app, a message will appear that the ScanWatch has been detected. Tap on install.

Screen that says ScanWatch detected. Tap below to install this device with Install button highlighted at bottom of the screen.

Step 3: You will then be prompted to pair your watch to your smartphone or tablet through bluetooth. Tap on Pair. Then you will get a 6-digit code appear on the screen of the watch. Enter that code on your device and tap on Pair.

Screen that says Pair your Scanwatch with your phone. Let's pair it to your phone via bluetooth. You may have to enter the code on your watch screen on the following popup. Pair button at bottom of screen highlighted.
Screen that has popup that says Bluetooth Pairing request with box and Pair button highlighted to show where to input code and pair your watch.