Welcome to the How to set up an iPad Course! I’m Agent Stephen and I am excited to help you set up your new iPad. During this course I will take you through each step in setting up your iPad so you can start using it right away. Before we get started read through this quick introduction.

Getting a new device is very exciting, but can also be overwhelming if you have never used one before. When you open up your new iPad the first thing you are going to do is turn it on and start the setup process. There are many steps involved in the setup so we want to take you through each one in detail so that you can set you iPad up the way you want and start using it.

Awesome! We are just about to get started but first let’s take a look at some Key Technology Terms. These are terms that will often come up while setting up your iPad. Don’t worry about memorizing these, we just want you to become familiar with them. So, let’s check them out.

Key Technology Terms

  • iPad: tablet created by the company Apple.
  • WiFi: is the short form of Wireless Fidelity. Wi-Fi is a type of wireless network technology using radio waves to connect multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices together in a small area such as a home or office building. This can allow computers, smartphones, or other devices to access the internet or communicate with each other without having to physically connect them together with a cable.