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Follow the steps below to access our technical support agents anytime.

Step 1

Before you contact us, see if your questions have been answered in our Frequently Asked Questions page.
Please Note: Technical Support is not included with Best Buy Digital Citizen and charges will apply for non-members. If you have purchased a Best Buy Membership please have the below information ready for us to validate your membership.

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Step 2

Make sure you have access to the device or technology you need support for such as your computer, phone, or tablet.

Step 3

There are two ways for you to connect with us. Pick the method you prefer. If the required support is a paid service, your agent will inform you of the cost before beginning.


  1. Visit our Support website
  2. Click “Chat with an Agent”
  3. Type in the requested information and press “Start Chat”

PHONE us at 1-844-GEEKSQUAD (433-5778) and follow the prompts to speak to an agent.