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Est-ce que le programme Citoyen numérique de Best Buy est offert en français? Is Best Buy Digital Citizen available in French?
Oui! Veuillez visiter notre site en français à l’adresse
Yes! Please visit our French site at

What is a BETA? And why do I see that Digital Citizen is currently in BETA?
Great question! A BETA is a trial or test run. Organizations use BETA Tests to learn more about products or services they are launching to help identify and correct any potential issues before launching their product or service at full scale. Digital Citizen currently in BETA. You maybe wondering what this means to you? While we are in BETA you will be able to access all of the courses and lessons we make available on Best Buy Digital Citizen. We will do our best to ensure the smoothest experience possible, but if you notice any issues or errors while using Digital Citizen, please let us know by emailing us at so that we can keep improving.

How much does it cost to join Best Buy Digital Citizen?
Nothing! Our Digital Skills and How-To Guides are free to take! For expert advice and support from our Geek Squad Agents, please see our Get Help page to learn more about our tech support options.

How do I get started with Best Buy Digital Citizen?
Getting started is easy, start by browsing our Digital Skills or How-To guides and click on the Learn Now button to start your free Digital Citizen course.

If you are looking for more help see our How to Get Started page.

What happens if I have a technical issue while taking a course?
If the issue you are experiencing is due to a problem on our Digital Citizen website or if you have feedback, please email us at

If you require technical support we offer 24/7 Remote Technical Support with your paid Best Buy Membership which can be accessed by visiting our Get Help page. Alternatively if you are not yet a Best Buy Member our Agents can let you know which options are available.

Visit our Get Help page

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Can I give this as a gift to friends or family members?

Yes! Our Digital Citizen courses are free to use and you are welcome to share our website to your friend or family member. If you would like to provide tech support as a gift for your family member consider our Best Buy Membership program which includes 24/7 Remote Technical Support and free in-store support with our Geek Squad Agents at our Best Buy store locations, in addition to many other benefits such as anti-virus and exclusive discounts on in-home services.

Can I share Best Buy Membership between both of my parents?
Yes! Our Best Buy Membership plans cover all technology in the household! As long as they both reside at the same address anyone in living in their household can use their Best Buy Membership benefit to get remote technical support on their technology. They can even get technical support on their technology if they didn’t buy it at Best Buy!

What other services are available to help with my technology? TV installation, computer repair, or virus removal?
Geek squad offers a variety of services to support you including setup, protection, and support. Discover all of our services

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How does Best Buy Digital Citizen work for organizations?
Best Buy Digital Citizen courses are free to use by individuals and we encourage you to share Digital Citizen with your clients or residents to help enrich their digital literacy. Additionally 24/7 remote technical support is available for purchase on a per use basis or as part an individuals Best Buy membership benefits.

Learn more about Best Buy Membership

If you have additional questions or would like to speak about enrolling multiple users in your building for Best Buy Membership please contact us at

Do you offer on-site or in-person support for community centers or residential buildings?
Yes! We can provide in-person technical support for your clients or residents on a schedule and budget that works for your organization.

Please contact us at to learn more about In-person Helpdesk and how we can support you.

Does the program require any support from my staff?
As a self-led online learning experience, Best Buy Digital Citizen requires minimal support from your staff provided your clients have access to a computer or tablet and internet access. Please refer to our getting started section of our home page for details on how to start using the key features of Digital Citizen.

For the In-person Helpdesk organizations, your team will need to designate an area for the tech support agent to conduct support sessions. This area will need to be made available during the scheduled helpdesk sessions. Additionally any changes to the pre-scheduled visits will need to be requested at least 24 hours in advance with your account manager.

Please contact us at to learn more about In-person Helpdesk and how we can support you.

How do I purchase products or services for my organization? Such as tablets, computers, TV’s or get a quote for installation services on my project such as a multi-building technology upgrade?
Best Buy and Geek squad offers a variety of business solutions and services to help make supporting technology in your organization a breeze.

Learn more about our Best Buy for Business program

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