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Best Buy Digital Citizen, powered by Geek Squad, can help you and the older adults in your organization embrace technology. Connect and empower your clients with in-person support they need to build digital skills.

Why choose Digital Citizen for your clients

Enrich lives with Digital Citizen.

Support your clients’ digital skills and empower them with the knowledge and skills to confidently use technology.

Future proof the list of services.

Provide an innovative service in your building and let us support your clients with the technology they own.

Offer support with In-person help desk

Save time and allow our experts to support your clients with one-on-one helpdesk type support from a Geek Squad Agent on a schedule that works for you.

Choose a solution that meets your organization’s needs

In-person helpdesk.

We’ll bring the tech support to you. With In-person helpdesk, an Agent will come to your organization to:

TROUBLESHOOT technical problems

SHOW how to use the device, how to download, and more

CONNECT to Wi-Fi and loved ones

ACCESS to expert-led online sessions to explore new topics

** 1-year minimum term. Installation services are not included. Purchasable per building for organizations.

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Let us help support your organization and clients through Digital Literacy skills and Technical Support

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Technology consulting

Device set-up

Installation services

And more

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