What comes in the box of a Windows computer?

Before we get into setting up your new Windows computer, we want to talk about what comes in the box and what you need to do to before going through the set up process.

Desktop computer vs All-in-one

First I want to discuss the difference between an all-in-one computer and a desktop computer. This is so that you will know which one you have and can follow the proper set up. These are both types of computers however are set up slightly different.

Desktop computer: consists of separate parts such as a monitor and a tower.

All-in-One: combines everything into a single piece of hardware so it would not come with a separate tower like the desktop computer.

What is included in the box of a desktop computer?

Below are the components that come with a desktop computer.

Desktop computer


Dell Desktop with green background

The monitor is the screen that you will view all of the information, pictures, and videos on your computer. It shows you what you what you are doing on the computer such as browsing the internet or working on documents. The monitor is an important part of a computer as this is how you interact with everything.

Computer tower

XPS black and grey computer tower

This is what holds the processor, memory, and internal components that make up a computer. This alone cannot be used but can be used with a monitor, keyboard, and computer mouse.

Power cable

black power cable

The power cable is what plugs into the computer and power outlet so that the computer will turn on.

Monitor cable

black monitor cable

The monitor cable is the cable that connects the computer tower to the computer screen or monitor. This is what allows you to see what is happening on your computer. It is like a bridge that helps videos and graphics travel from the computer tower to the computer monitor.