The ABCs of Online Safety

Throughout this course we have learned a lot about the internet, the risks associated with it, and how to keep ourselves safe from scammers and cyber attacks. There was a lot of information provided on phishing attacks and computer viruses, and its understandable that all of this can be quite overwhelming at first. That is why we want to make sure you are provided a brief summary of everything we discussed and have a simple way to remember the ways to keep yourself safe while being online.

Once you review the ABC’s of online safety, there will be some additional resources available for support.

Below is a summary of all the best practices that we have discussed during the online safety course. One way to remember them, is to refer to the ABCs of Online Safety!

A- Awareness

Awareness is key when it comes to staying safe online. By completing this course, you are now aware of all the ways that scammers try to trick people through phishing, how computer viruses work, and the different types. By being aware you will be able to spot emails or messages that don’t seem quite right. If you ever need a refresher on online safety refer back to our previous lessons.

B- Best Practices

There are many best practices that can be used to help protect yourself from scams, hackers, and viruses. Always remember to assess the situation and use the best practices that were discussed throughout this course to respond. If you are ever unsure, contact a remote support Geek Squad Agent or ask a trusted family member or friend. It is ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry!

C- Current

The final letter is C, for Current. What we mean by this is to keep your devices up to date! By updating software regularly, you can improve your device’s security and protect it from getting a virus. To stay current you can also look into the different software options that we discussed that can keep your computer safe such as: anti-virus, anti- spyware and firewalls. If you ever have any questions about these programs, be sure to reach out to a remote support Geek Squad Agent for answers.

Thanks, Jimmy! The ABCs of online safety are a great way to stay safe online. If you ever need support or have questions regarding online safety, reach out to our friendly Remote Support Geek Squad Agents. We are always happy to help answer your questions and give you peace of mind while being online.


Below are some resources available to you to help prevent cyber crimes.

If you are ever a victim of cybercrime, contact your local police immediately.