Staying Safe Online

Welcome to the Introduction to Online Safety lesson! I’m Jimmy, and I will be joining you while we learn about the Internet and Online Safety. Before you get started read through this quick introduction.

The internet is a great tool used for many different daily tasks such as searching anything from books, recipes, how-to videos, and even purchasing products. Although the internet is an amazing resource, it comes with risks with more and more people being online everyday. These risks can be safely managed by learning how to stay safe online! Throughout this lesson you will gain a better understanding of what the internet is, what it is used for, and risks associated with using the internet.

We are almost ready to get started! But first, below are list of key technology terms that will be mentioned throughout the lesson. Review these terms just to familiarize yourself with them.

Key Technology Terms

  • Online Safety:  the act of maximizing user’s awareness of personal safety while using the internet
  • Internet: network that connects computers together all around the world.