Introduction to Computer Viruses

Welcome to the lesson all about Computer Viruses. I am Geek Squad Agent Sarah and I have the pleasure of joining you throughout the lesson! Before you get started, read this quick review.

Just like how people get sick, computers also suffer from viruses from time to time. Although your computer will not start to sneeze or cough, it will show signs that it has been affected and it is important to recognize these signs as soon as possible. A computer virus is a type of code or program that is designed to alter the way a computer works. This means that they “infect” the system, just like a real virus.

Throughout this lesson you will learn what a computer virus is, how to spot computer viruses, and you will learn tools and best practices used to help prevent them.

We are just about ready to start our lesson! But first, let’s go through some key technology terms. These are terms that are often mentioned when talking about computer viruses.

Key Technology Terms

  • Virus: type of code or program designed to alter the way a computer works
  • Hacker: person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data
  • Scammer: person who tricks someone into giving them personal information and/or money
  • Pop-up: small windows that pop-up over your webpage in your internet browser