Signs of a Computer Virus

We hope that you never experience a virus on your computer, but if you do it is important that you know what to look for. By knowing the signs of a computer virus, you will be able to have your computer diagnosed and fixed as soon as possible.

Below are some signs of a computer virus to look out for. Think of these as symptoms of a real virus! These are the signs that will tell you whether or not your computer may have been infected.

Ongoing crashes: does your computer ever just shut off on its own? If so, you may have a computer virus. If you experience ongoing crashes, make sure to have your computer scanned for a virus right away.

Slow performance: if your computer seems to be very slow when you are using it you could have a virus. For example, if your computer takes a long time to load when you click on something or try to visit a webpage.

Browser pop- ups: these are messages that constantly pop up while you are browsing the web. This is a very common sign of a computer virus.

Does your computer show any of the signs that we discussed above? If so, you may have a virus but fortunately there is support available! Remember to reach out to Geek Squad Remote Support if you think your computer has been infected.