iPad and iPhone Overview

Along with Macs, Apple also created two devices that have smaller screens with touchscreen capabilities. These devices are called iPad and iPhone. Just like Macs, there are different models, sizes and colours of both iPad and iPhone. Although all of these devices are from the same company, iPhone and iPad have different operating systems and work differently than Macs. While iPad uses iPadOS and iPhone uses iOS, these two devices do work similarly.

During this course we will cover tips and tricks that fit into 3 categories to help you use your iPhone and iPad. These categories are: Apps, Navigating iOS and iPadOS, and lastly we will show you how to reset your device. If you want to learn the basics of using your iPad or iPhone be sure to check out the Get to know your iPad Course or the Using your iPhone Course.

What is an iPad?

An iPad is a very popular, easy to use touchscreen tablet that uses the software called iPadOS. It is portable with a rechargeable battery much like a smartphone, only larger. Unlike a smartphone, you cannot make phone calls using the iPad but there are many, many other things that the iPad can do. Below is a photo of what an iPad looks like. Yours may look different depending on which model you have but they all have similar functionalities.

Space grey Apple iPad

What is an iPhone?

An iPhone is a smartphone that combines a music player, cellular phone, camera and computer into a device that fits in your pocket. An iPhone is very similar to an iPad except that you can make phone calls with it. iPhones come in different models and sizes and use the software called iOS. They also have touchscreen capabilities which means that you can navigate through your device using your finger or a stylus. Below is a photo of an iPhone.

Black Apple iPhone

I don’t know what I would do without my smartphone! Now that we are familiar with the devices that we are going to discuss it’s time to start learning all the tips and tricks. Move on to the next lesson to join my fellow co-worker Agent Sarah as she teaches us how to use a Mac!