iPhone positioned up right on desk with home screen showing.

Using your iPhone.

iPhone is the smartphone that was created by the company Apple and is a device that combines a phone, computer, and music player all into one. You may have an iPhone and aren’t quite sure how to use it. If you are brand new to using an iPhone or just want to brush up on some of the basics of using one, you are in the right place. This course has been designed for those who are beginners when it comes to using an iPhone as we will focus on learning the basic functions. You will learn about the hardware, how to navigate the touchscreen, and learn how to use a variety of different apps. Everything you will learn throughout this course will help you in getting started on your iPhone.

**There are many different models, sizes and colours of iPhones available. The one used in the demonstrations in this course may be different from the one you use but the functions will be the same. Also, if you are not sure if the phone you have is an iPhone or an Android phone, check the back of the device. iPhones will all have an Apple logo on the back.

What will I be Learning?

  1. Introduction to the physical device of an iPhone with explanations of what each button is for
  2. How to use different touch gestures to navigate an iPhone screen
  3. Introduction to Apps and the App Library on iOS
  4. Understand what Widgets are on iOS and what apps come preloaded on an iPhone
  5. What the App Store is and how to download apps to your iPhone
  6. How to use three communication apps on an iPhone: Phone, FaceTime, and Messages
  7. What the Mail app is and how to send emails from your iPhone
  8. How to take photos with an iPhone with the camera app
  9. What the Settings app is and how to complete specific tasks from the Settings app

What do I need to get started on this course?

  • An iPhone (any model)
  • Internet Connection (Wi-Fi)