Use touch Screen gestures on an iPhone

As you may have noticed, an iPhone does not have a physical keypad that we are commonly used to when using cell phones. This is because iPhones have touchscreen capabilities, which means you can control the device using your fingers or a stylus. When using an iPhone, there are certain touchscreen gestures that the you will have to become comfortable with, to use it.

Below are short videos demonstrating each touch gesture that is used when navigating an iPhone. These gestures are Swipe, Scroll, Tap, and Zoom. Let’s check them out.

Swipe: the gesture of swiping allows you to answer incoming calls, navigate between screens, bring up menus and enable multi-tasking. By swiping your finger left, right, up, or down you will be able to complete these tasks and more. To do this, place your finger lightly on the screen and slide either right, left, up, or down.

Scroll: if you would like to look through a list or a menu, you can do this by lightly placing a finger on the screen and move it up or down without lifting the finger.

Tap: the tapping gesture is much like clicking a mouse on a computer. By using the tapping gesture on the screen, you will be able to answer incoming calls, open apps, messages, emails and much more. To complete a tapping gesture, lightly touch one finger on the screen and then remove it.

Zoom: if users need to zoom in and out of an image, they can do this by placing their thumb and index finger near each other on the screen and either spread them apart to zoom in or pinch them together to zoom out.