Introduction to Apps

Hello, I am Agent Stephen! Welcome to the Introduction to Apps lesson. Please read this quick introduction before you get started.

Apps are an essential element of the iPad and it is what makes your iPad interesting. Without apps, your tablet will be just a device with not much function. With apps, your door opens up and you are able to do more with the device whether that is related to communication, banking, health and fitness, finances, music, travel and much much more.

Since we are just getting started with an iPad, we will look at apps that come preloaded on to the device. These are some of the icons that will be on the home screen as soon as the iPad is set up and can help with using the iPad more efficiently. These are also apps that Apple deemed as an important part of using an iPad. The preloaded apps provide you with enough tools to do common activities such as browsing the web, emailing, calling, messaging, note taking, and more.

By completing this lesson, you will gain a better understanding of what an app is, what apps come preloaded on your iPad, and gain a basic understanding of specific preloaded apps.

We are just about ready to start. Read through the key technology terms below before you move on to the next lesson.

Key Technology Terms

  • App: is the short-form for “application”. An app can bring new functionality or capabilities to your device. Apps can be free or paid and are developed by both individuals so called developers or large corporations. Some apps can make a world of entertainment accessible through your phone and some apps allow you to connect with others. Most apps are available through a digital storefront called an “App Store”.
  • App Store: a digital storefront that allows app developers to giveaway or sell their app(s) to users. These app stores are typically owned and operated by the platform companies Ex: Apple App Store for devices using Apple iOS/iPadOS or the Google Play Store for Android based smartphones and tablets.
  • Icon: a pictogram or ideogram displayed on a screen to help users navigate the device system.
  • Preloaded app: mobile apps that are installed and licensed on new devices before they are purchased.