Google Duo and Messages Overview

What is Google Duo?

Google Duo is an extremely popular app to use when wanting to connect with people as it is an easy way for users with almost any device to have conversations through video. The Google Duo app is available on almost all platforms, which means that it can be used on smart phones, tablets, computers, and some smart displays. To use Google Duo on a device, the device must be connected to a Wi-Fi network or have access to cellular data. The difference between Wi-Fi and cellular data is that Wi-Fi is connected through an internet router in a home or building and cellular data is connected to the internet using a cellular phone network.

Google Duo logo

The Google Duo app must also be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Please refer to the Google Play Store Lesson to learn how to download an app or watch the video posted below.

What is the Messages app?

The Message app on an Android device allows users to send text messages to friends and family using cellular data. These messages can be text, pictures or even videos. Text messages are generally used to send quick electronic messages to others. If users need to get a hold of someone, but it is not urgent they can send them a message that the recipient can read and respond to at their earliest convenience. Depending on which Android device you own, the Messages app icon may look different from the photo posted below.

blue circle with white text box in the centre

The Messages app is an icon that has a blue circle with a speech bubble in the center.