Introduction to the Camera and Gallery Apps

Hi there! I’m Agent George and today I will be introducing you the Camera and Gallery apps that come on your Android tablet. Before we begin, please read through this quick introduction.

Most tablets come with cameras that help you to capture and view your photos. You can take your tablet and use it to take photos of beautiful flowers, grandchildren or memories with friends or simply to view photos that have been shared with you. The larger screen also allows for easy viewing and you can also use the camera for video chatting when you want to virtually catch up with your friends and family. There is so much you can do with the camera and the photos you have taken or downloaded. So how can we get started?

The Camera app on a tablet is an app that you can use to take photos and videos with your device just like you would with a regular camera. The biggest difference? Without having to get photos printed, all the photos taken with the camera app are automatically stored on your tablet’s Gallery app so you can access them any time. Additionally, with the Camera and Photos app, you can easily and conveniently share your photos and videos with your friends and family.

Throughout this lesson we will cover the basics of the Camera app and introduce you to the Gallery app so that you can use your tablet to capture your special moments and easily access them on your tablet when you want to.

Ready to get started? We are just about to move on to our first topic, but first let’s go through some key technology terms that are used throughout this lesson and when discussing the Camera and Gallery app.

Key Technology Terms

  • Zoom: feature that allows user to zoom into the subject without affecting the resolution of the photo.
  • Panorama Mode: allows users to capture more of a scene to create a panoramic image.
  • Filters: software that allows users to change the appearance of an image such as brightness.
  • Landscape Mode: function of the camera that is used to take photos of an entire scene instead of just one subject.
  • Selfies: a slang for self-portrait photo, taken by a handheld device like a mobile phone or tablet.