Introduction to Apps for Android

Welcome! I am Agent Stephen, and today we are going to be learning about Preloaded Apps. Before starting this lesson, read through this quick introduction and be sure to check out our lesson on Introduction to Android Tablets if you haven’t already!

Apps are an essential element of the iPad and it is what makes your iPad interesting. Without apps, your tablet will be just a device with not much function. With apps, your door opens up and you are able to do more with the device whether that is related to communication, banking, health and fitness, finances, music, travel and much much more.

Since we are just getting started with a tablet, we will look at apps that come preloaded on to the device. These are some of the icons that will be on the home screen as soon as the tablet is set up and can help with using the tablet more efficiently. These are also apps that are deemed as an important part of using a tablet. The preloaded apps provide you with enough tools to do common activities such as browsing the web, emailing, calling, messaging, note taking, and more.

By completing this lesson, you will gain a better understanding of what an app is, what apps come preloaded on your tablet, and gain a basic understanding of specific preloaded apps. . It is also important to know that not all of these apps are ones that you will use, because we are all different and have different needs but it is important to get an idea of what these apps are used for!

Neat-o! Are you ready to get started because I sure am! But first, let’s go over some key technology terms. These are terms that will be used throughout the lesson, so we just want you to familiarize yourself with them, but you don’t have to worry about memorizing them!

Key Technology Terms

  • App: an application. A software program that is downloaded on to a mobile device. Apps are created by developers and being that the Android platform is open-source Apps are available from many people.
  • Play Store: a digital platform that allows users to browse and download apps to their mobile device.
  • Icon: a pictogram or ideogram displayed on a screen to help users navigate the device system
  • Preloaded App: mobile apps that are installed and licensed on new devices before they are purchased.