Overview of Apps

What is an App?

As described in the Key Technology Terms, an app is the short form for “application” and its main role is to bring new functionality to your device. It can also be described as a software program which allows to run specific tasks on your device. Currently on the Play Store, there are 2.87 million apps that can be downloaded to a device. There are a wide range of apps that can be found including apps for health and fitness, games, finances and even travel.

When a tablet is turned on, the home screen will have number of different icons across the screen. These are small boxes with some sort of symbol in the center and the name directly below the icon. These are apps.

Below is a screenshot of a tablet home screen. The icons across the screen are all Preloaded Apps! It is important to get used to these apps to get the most out of the device.

Android tablet home screen with blue background

It is important to note that not every Android tablet looks the same so your home screen may look slightly different from the photo shown above