an older adult using an iPad

Get to know your iPad.

You may have heard of an iPad or may even have one. So, what is it an iPad? How do you use it and what can you do with it? There are many things you can do on your iPad. The Get to know your iPad course has been designed to help new iPad users to get started and understand how to get the most out of their iPads. Throughout this course, you will learn basic skills to get started with your iPad and understand the physical device, how to use touch gestures, photo apps and how to communicate with friends and family using your iPad.

**If you are not sure whether the device you own is an iPad or an android tablet, check the logo on the back of your device. iPads will have an apple at the back of the device.

What will I be learning?

  1. Introduction to the physical device of an iPad and tutorial on how to use the buttons on the device
  2. How to use different touch gestures to navigate an iPad
  3. What ‘apps’ are, what ‘apps’ come preloaded on to an iPad and what you can do with them
  4. Learn about the two core communication apps on an iPad: FaceTime and Messages
  5. What the Camera app is and how to take photos on your iPad
  6. What Email app is and how to send and receive emails on your iPad
  7. Learn what is on the Settings app, how to access it and use different functions on the Settings app

What do I need to get started for this course?

  • An iPad (any model)
  • Internet Connection (Wi- Fi) or Cellular Data